Arabam Nerede GPS

Smart Vehicle and Driver Tracking Systems

Arabam Nerede GPS is a smart vehicle and driver safety system. Our product encompasses end-user and commercial fleet tracking systems, offering practical solutions with mobile app integration.

araç takip sistemleri uygulama
araç takip sistemleri uygulama

Artificial Intelligence Supported Vehicle Tracking Systems

Mamtas applications are web and mobile-based SaaS model application software that provides solutions to the different needs of individual and commercial vehicle owners.

  • Web-based
  • Unlimited Users
  • Real-time Notifications
  • Responsive Design
  • Real-time Tracking
  • Multi-platform

The Ultimate Guide for Smart Vehicle and Driver Tracking Systems

Arabam Nerede GPS provides comprehensive solutions to businesses offering personnel and student transportation services through its smart vehicle tracking and driver assessment systems.

Tracking Icon

Real-Time Tracking

Real-time vehicle tracking is performed with a delay of less than 10 ms. The vehicle's instant speed and location information are displayed on the map, and the vehicle can be live-tracked.

Statistics Icon

Historical Tracking

For a selected trip or a specific date range, all of the vehicle's movements can be replayed as an animation on the map.

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Arabam Nerede App

With the Arabam Nerede app, you can view real-time status information for all vehicles in the fleet and track the vehicle live on the map.

Pilot Icon

Yardımcı Pilot App

Yardımcı Pilot is a driver assessment system. With Yardımcı Pilot, service drivers can identify their mistakes, improve themselves, and minimize the risk of accidents.

Global Icon

Virtual Geofence

It offers more detailed real-time reporting through virtual geofence technology without the need for on-device GeoFence hardware.

Record Icon

Detailed Reporting

By collecting speed, distance, event, and telemetry data in the cloud, it helps you make your business more efficient by generating comprehensive analysis and reports.

Audit Icon


Periodic maintenance and hygiene inspections of vehicles are conducted. General and routine inspection reports are generated.

güzergah planlama, rota oluşturma, araç takip

Route Planning

Creates a route plan based on vehicle, driver, and passenger assignments.

Route Visualize Icon

Route Visualization

Real-time visualization of all vehicle stops and routes on the map with a delay of less than 10 ms.

Route Icon

Route Creation

Creates vehicle routes through manual or automatic vehicle and driver assignments.

Map Search Icon

Virtual Geofence

Creates a geographic boundary around important locations such as service areas and operational zones, sending notifications when vehicles enter the boundary.

QR Kod Icon

QR Code Listing

Generates route lists using QR codes.

araç takip,rota takip, sensör

Vehicle Tracking

Real-time tracking of services and passengers with a user-friendly interface.

Sensor Icon

Sensor Tracking System

Interprets data from in-vehicle sensors using high-performance routing mechanisms and generates reports.

Car Watch Icon

Animated Tracking

Displays the historical movements of vehicles on the map with animations.

Cloud Icon

Device Management System

Facilitates ease of use by allowing wireless updates of product software via the cloud.

Report Icon

Telemetry Information

Displays telemetry information such as route data, real-time speed, location, and speed limit violations for vehicles, either in real-time or retrospectively on the map.

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Vehicle Inspection

Periodic maintenance and hygiene inspections of vehicles are conducted.

Tools Icon

Periodic Tracking

Notifies the relevant authority of the vehicle's equipment and hardware maintenance dates before they are due.

Audit Icon

Inspection Report

Generates routine and general service inspection reports based on vehicle inspections.

Completed Task Icon

Inspection Checklist

Displays the current and past inspection checklists for vehicles.

araç raporu, denetim raporu, sürücü raporu, araç takip


Generates detailed reports for analyzing driving processes. It creates monthly, weekly, daily, or date range reports for the selected time period. Report outputs can be exported as PDF or Excel.

Car Track Icon

Vehicle Reports

Generates various reports for vehicles based on speed, distance, events, and telemetry data.

Driver Icon

Driver Reports

Creates reports that include driver behavior analysis.

Audit Icon

Inspection Reports

Generates reports on vehicle periodic maintenance and hygiene inspection results.

Plus Icon

Custom Reports

Companies can create their own custom reports.

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Arabam Nerede App

Arabam Nerede is Mamtas's fleet vehicle tracking mobile application. When integrated with Arabam Nerede GPS, you can view real-time status information for all services in the fleet and track the vehicle live on the map within the application.

Tracking Icon

Live Tracking

Performs real-time location tracking of one or more service vehicles on the map.

Specification Icon

Vehicle Information

Displays real-time contact status, speed, total distance, and direction information for one or more service vehicles on the map.

Statistics Icon

Historical Tracking

Displays daily service routes of vehicles on the map with animations.

History Icon

Past Trips

Lists past trips for all vehicles and shows each trip in detail separately on the map.

araç takip uygulaması, mobil uygulama, telefondan takip, rota oluşturma

Yardımcı Pilot App

Yardımcı Pilot is a driver assessment system. When integrated with Arabam Nerede GPS, service drivers can identify their mistakes, improve themselves, and minimize the risk of accidents.

Reward Icon

Driver Scoring

Through AI-supported driving monitoring technology, the driver's 8 different behaviors are evaluated and scored.

History Icon

Past Trips

All trips made by drivers are accurately listed from the last trip to the first trip.

Maps Icon

Detailed Map

The locations of detected behaviors during the trip are marked on the map with time, speed, and acceleration data.

Lightbulb Icon

Driving Recommendations

Driving recommendations are provided based on drivers' best and worst driving behaviors.

Introductıon Video

Watch the Video for More Detailed Information

You can access more detailed information about Arabam Nerede GPS by using the demo version of the product.

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Why Arabam Nerede GPS

Innovative, Practical, and Unique

You can have a single product for the needs of businesses offering smart vehicle and driver tracking services.

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It offers comprehensive solutions to various needs with its different applications.

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You can test the application for free with the demo version.

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You can purchase the product and start using it immediately.

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You can complete your shopping with confidence through a secure payment channel.

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Frequently Asked Questions

To help you feel secure at every stage of your shopping, we have answered the most frequently asked questions and concerns. If you have different questions, you can use the contact form to reach us.

Is it possible to place orders only through your website?

We accept orders through the web channel. You can contact us through our contact details for special offers.

How can I make my payment?

You can make the payment using a credit card or a bank card. After entering your card information, you can choose your preferred application and complete your purchase.


How is the invoice sent?

The invoice is sent to the email address provided in your order. An automatic invoice is generated and sent electronically with a digital signature.

How can I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel your subscription from the Arabam Nerede GPS Payments screen. If the subscription fee for the service months has been paid, your subscription will end immediately.

Can we get support for product installation?

Yes, we provide free installation support.

How can I unsubscribe from newsletters and/or my subscription?

If you do not want to receive emails from Mamtaş, you can click on the unsubscribe section located at the bottom of the sent email.

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